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The System is rigged to put Shareholder Profits First.  The System is rigged to destroy American Jobs First while paying excessive and outrageous amounts to CEOs as compared to the average employee.  Furthermore, Shareholder Profits First is not a law, contrary to what Wall Street Shareholders want everyone to think.  Shareholder Profits First is a policy choice of the Boards and CEOs of our publicly-held and private equity-held companies.

Shareholder Profits First is a “great deal” for the Wall Street and an “unfair and unbalanced bad deal” for America Jobs.

The system must change to put American Jobs First and Shareholder Profits Second! For example, we propose the following changes.

Put American Jobs First and Shareholder Profits Second

  1. Publicly state it is in TheCompany’s long-term best interests to put American jobs first and shareholder profits second.
  2. No longer use the goal of maximizing short-term profits for shareholders to justify, formulate, and implement any strategy, initiative or cost action that eliminates an American job or to compensate the Executive Officers.
  3. TheCompany decides when to hire.  Let the employee decide when their American job is no longer needed, which may occur with either an Equitable Employment Termination Agreement, (similar to a Golden Parachute), or by personal choice to leave.

Promote Long-term Growth and Productivity Improvements

  1. Compensate and reward Executive Officers for creating long-term sustainable growth, that also creates American Jobs.
  2. Share the profits of investments that improve the company’s productivity with employees in the form of higher wages, bonuses, and benefits.

We must advocate to do this not only for the 13 million Americans that are discouraged or underutilized, but for the 150+ million Americans that have “American Job Insecurity” because they go to work everyday knowing their “at-will” jobs could be eliminated with the next cut in the name of short-term profits for shareholders.

To this end, the purpose for the Great American Scorecard is to Advocate for American Jobs First.  We will keep score on the companies choosing to destroy American Jobs and the ones choosing to create American Jobs. We will issue The CEO Challenge to become Advocates for American Jobs First.

Originally published May 5, 2017

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